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There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. ~ W. Somerset Maugham


Do you have that little voice in your head?

All human beings have a little voice in their head that tells them what to do and usually it’s wrong. Like all of us, we don’t follow our hearts or guts, we keep listening to the little voice and we end up doing something wrong that it’s so hard to get out of. When the day comes that we actually want to listen to our hearts, the little voice turns to you and say: ‘NO, you can’t do it, you won’t be able to handle it, or you will never achieve it.’

Well, I have one of those little voices in my head telling me what to do and I actually have a conversation with it in my head and it really makes me angry and frustrated. I feel like it brings me too many problems and negative thoughts, and I hate its constant cocky attitude and telling me what to do.

I know what some of you will say, that it’s just my brain and that I’m making this entirely up. Well, I’m not and we all have the little voice, just some are not aware of it. It’s our conscience, our moral compass; it provides encouragement and words of warning. Some voices are quiet and only pop up when needed. Others are blabbermouths who never seem to ever shut up.

My little voice is quite a chatty one. Always going on and on about things, over thinking things, overanalyzing, self-conscious, and second guessing. Recently, the little voice has become worse like it’s been on overdrive. Stress makes it even worse, because being busy with my B-tech degree studies, working in between, having awful loads of work to be done, stress builds up. When I’m busy with a tech assignment, the little voice will continue to bother me. It will keep me out of my work, telling me ‘you are tired, leave the assignment for tomorrow’ or ‘no, the assignment is not up to standard, do it better.’

I know that I’m not alone. There are plenty of people who have a little voice shouting somewhere in their heads. Many people struggle with their little voice, which ends up in depression, anxiety, anger, frustration and many other things. Just to let you know, you are stronger than you think and you should take charge of your own life. One of the best quotes that I found was: “You’ll probably never have a completely quiet mind, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a quieter mind.” By taking charge of your own life and doing things your way, you can tell the little voice to shut up.

As I was writing this, my little voice was second guessing me whether I should publish this post onto my blog or not. I’m thinking of what other people might think of this post, will they like it, what type of comments will they leave? Gosh, just shut up little voice and click the publish button.

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What is the colour of the wind?

What is the colour of the wind?

Is it blue, red or green?

So, let me give you a hint:

It is nothing you’ve ever seen.

The wind is part of the four basic elements that represents the      substance of the world. Together with Fire, Earth and Water, the Wind is the substance that plays with your hair, and which whistles in your ear.

We know the colour of Fire is red or yellow; green is the Earth and blue the Water. What is the colour of the wind? The wind is invisible, unpredictable, unreliable, playful, inspiring, loving and life-giving. The wind is all these things and yet so much more. The wind represents the things that we cannot see, we can only feel it. It is in our souls, our spirits and our minds, it is what lies beneath or beyond us.

The wind can be a playful breeze, but the wind is not always calm. It can easily change into an unpredictable and roaring hurricane. Its colours will change into something unpredictable, fearful, forceful and angry.

The true colour of the wind can only be seen if you actually believe that you can see it.Crystal, with its pure uncoloured clarity, is often influenced upon the mind and soul. It is often said that the wind brings clarity of thought and a pureness of the spirit.

You cannot see Wind, nor hold it in your hands. Wind cannot be captured and it cannot be tamed. But you feel it through your lungs, through your hair and through your body. That is the true colour of the wind.

I want to end off with the below lyrics of Charlie Landsborough. It is such capturing words and it reminded me of my childhood where I used to ask my mommy what the colour of the wind was.

” What colour is the wind, Daddy
Is it yellow, red or blue
When he’s playing with my hair, Daddy
Does he do the same to you
When he’s dying does his colour fade
Is a gentle breeze a lighter shade
Just like his friend the sea
The wind feels blue to me

When the blackbird starts to sing, Daddy
Do the flowers hear him, too
When he’s pouring out his heart, Daddy
Tell me, what do roses do
Do they cast their scent upon the air
And is fragrance just a rose in prayer
Giving thanks to God above
For the blackbird’s song of love

Blow, wind, blow
Wild and free
My Daddy says
You’re a lot like me

I know each colour
Its shape and size
I’ve seen them all
With my Daddy’s eyes

I know that grass is green, Daddy
I’ve touched it with my toes
And snow is purest white, Daddy
I’ve felt it with my nose
But my favourite colour has to be
The colour of your love for me
And Daddy, I’ve been told
That love is always gold

My Daddy says
You’re a lot like me
What colour is the wind ”

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My 10 Guilty pleasures … I will share with you

Guilty pleasures are a good thing. We all work hard, we all worry about getting everything done in time, and we are all stressed out – even if I have to refer to our B-Tech class this year. J  Sometimes we need to indulge and by “sometimes”, I mean as often as possible. We all have those special things that “it feels so good” doing, those moments that allow us an escape from the day’s hustle and bustle of it all…

A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The “guilt” involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one’s lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes.

My guilty pleasures are as follows:

1.  Ice-cream: OMG! What an amazing word, don’t you think? I am all over the top for ice-cream and I love those sugar cones which you can fill with delicious flavours of your choice. Make me feel like a kid again. So… ice-cream can make you put on some centimetres … OOPS! Luckily there a gym just around the corner.

2. Scary, Alien, horror Movies: Oh yes, love it! It’s so fascinated to watch these movies, all the creepy, ugly, horror scenes just wants you to watch it. For me, it feels like I’m in the movie myself. Yeah, you will probably catch me watching a horror movie on the night that I was supposed to do an assignment, but what can you do if you just received that new horror on your USB from a friend…. WATCH IT!!

3. Shoes….: Fashion is a passion! Well, don’t really have the bucks to spend, but I’ll spend hours in a store (correction – Shoe store) fitting on all types of shoes and just imaging myself owning them. What a big dream to fulfil one day. I will probably have an extra room in my house just for my shoes. Olalla!

4. Movie musicals, the good and bad: I LOVE watching movie musicals. From Grease to Moulin Rouge, Burlesque, Mama Mia and even the Afrikaans musical –“Liefling.” I love them all and I will literally watch them over and over again. I have more musical movies on my laptop than other random movies.

5. Sponge Bob Square pants: Don’t be so surprised, I guarantee that there are many of you who still watch Sponge Bob Squarepants. It is just the best cartoon ever and I always have a laugh. It really brings me back to being myself, and I also feel like I’m a kid again.

 6. Play single hit songs over and over: Music is medicine to the ears. Playing that single hit songs over and over again, is just for me to sing along. Feels like I’m on a stage singing my heart out to the crowd, and they liked it!

7. SUSHI: YUM….. MMM…. YUM! What more can I say! I love sea food, and the best thing is spending some quality time with a few close friends at Beluga Restaurant and indulging in the fresh sushi and soy sauce. It is the best times.

8. Watching ballet shows/ movies: You will probably think why is this a guilty pleasure? Well to start of, I did ballet for 16 years. I actually feel guilty that I ever stopped dancing. Now I feel by watching ballet shows and movies can please my guiltiness.

9. Sleeping late without being interrupted: Wow, I haven’t done this in a while. I mean lately there just isn’t room in my schedule for sleeping late. Remember when we were younger and during the holidays we could sleep late until the next afternoon. Back then, I didn’t realize how indulgent that was. What I would do for a solid twelve hours of sleep right now.

10. I love scented candles! I love to change scents for the seasons. Having scented candles in your flat or house truly makes you feel at home. Trust me, I’m far from home (Namibia) and my mom used to burn scented candles everyday. I used to hate it, but now it brings back the memories and makes me feel at home.

I indulge in guilty pleasures because I feel those secret little indulgences that you’d rather not admit to can make you a better person and bring out the true you!

I don’t know about you, but I need to fess up.

What are some of YOUR guilty pleasures?

If I were the Boss …

What would I do if I were the boss, even if it is just for one day?

To be the boss, I need to be confident and passionate in anything and everything I do. If I’m passionate about my business and the workplace, then I will be able to motivate my employees to be the best of the best. I would to be the coolest and most awesomeness boss employees could ever dream of.

Most of us spend at least 25% of our lives in our office or workplace. If I were the boss, our office space would be the place where the staff can genuinely say it is everything they dreamed of… or should we say dreamed up – from a fireman’s pole, a reception desk with a real difference and a shooting range to a tree house boardroom and a graffiti wall.

If I were the boss, I would make sure my employees cannot wait for their next day at work… I would wish a life for my employees similar to those working at The Missing link Office! (http://www.topbilling.com/articles/Location-The-Missing-Link-Office–.html?articleID=1115)

1. If I were the boss, I would end a working week on a Thursday. Fridays are part of the WEEKEND and a good long weekend means a good long rest for my employees. Therefore they will be so much more proactive on the Monday morning.

2. If I were the boss, I would incorporate a private gym and have some workout sessions at least twice a week during work hours. Employees do not always have the time or energy to go pass the gym after work. And it is expensive to join a gym. Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy employees have more energy to love their jobs and perform even better in it.

3. If I were the boss, I would make my own public holidays and take my employees to spend some quality time on the beach having fruit cocktails. During winter its getting cosy in front of a fire place with some warm blankets and a cup ofMilo. We might even get ourselves in doing some brainstorming for ideas on a client. How exciting!

4. If I were the boss, I would have a cafeteria within the office with a private chef cooking lunch for the staff. There is nothing like a fulfilling lunch in our tummies. We will have an hour lunch break where the chef will cook up something delicious for lunch.

5. If I were the boss, I would have a room in the office just for a spa and beauty facilities for my employees to relax and get rid of all the stress and be pain free.

6. If I were the boss, I would allow my employees to social via Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Skype or other Live Messenger platforms during work time. They can pick up on easy information and techniques. It keeps the brain active and alive, and the fact is… employees do it anyway – without the boss even realizing it! It has become a part of life!

7. If I were the boss, I would raise salaries. Because I know how hard it is to budget. Have some extra cents to spend.

8. If I were the boss, I would incorporate baby and dog sitting facilities. If you live in a flat but come to having a dog/s and don’t want to leave them at home for a whole day, why not taking them to the office for a playtime with the dog sitter. They might even learn a new trick. The same applies if you have a kid or a baby.

9. If I were the boss, I would create a pleasant and most comforting working environment ever (similar to an office like The Missing Link) to give the employees the feeling of being in an absolute dream.

10. If I were the boss, we would definitely have fashion clients and make sure that when the new fashion arrives that a fashion show happens within the office. Girls and boys, you will have some new fashion hanging in your closets because my fashion client will make sure to hand a few shoes to the girls and some stylish pants to the guys.

If I were the boss, employees will never ever stop working for me and I will be crown the best Boss ever.

The Ultimate Gift… of Life

Somewhere in life we think that our inheritance is going to be the gift of money and lots of it. Well are we in for a big surprise.

Let me take you on an improbable journey of discovery, having to answer the ultimate question: “What is the relationship between wealth and happiness?”

Based on the best-selling book “The Ultimate Gift” by Jim Stovall, Jason Stevens had a very simple relationship with his impossibly wealthy Grandfather, Howard “Red” Stevens. He hated him. No heart-to-heart talks, no warm fuzzies, just cold hard cash. So Jason figured that when Red died, that his Grandfather would leave him money which will allow him to continue living in the lifestyle to which his used to and accustomed to. But Red had another plan for Jason to experience a crash course on life. He gave him twelve tasks, which was called “gifts,” challenging Jason in an improbable way, the accumulation of which would change him forever.

Life is simply not just about money, living a wealthy and organised lifestyle. To have the ultimate gift of life, you need to earn it. By earning it, you have to experience a crash course on life and receive a serious of gifts. “Gifts” of work, money, friends, learning, problems, family, laughter, dreams, giving, gratitude, a day and love – to which will challenge you to a journey of discoveries.

The person who might have hurt you the most in life – might give you the ultimate gift of life. A serious of gifts might come along your way in order to pursue the ultimate gift.

* Gift of work – Finish a job to be done. Work hard and you can do anything.

* Gift of money – Spend it on someone who might have financial problems and by putting yourself in their shoes. To find out that your friend is diagnosed with cancer to give a helping hand on his/her bills.

* Gift of friendship – I need a friend is easy to say, but what is the real meaning behind friendship? You can have a friend of any age and you might meet a friend that can change your view of life entirely.

* Gift of Learning – Do you truly know how to learn? I think that there is so much more to discover and learn.

* Gift of Problems – You don’t start living until you haven’t lost everything. You have to encounter problems and learn from them in order to realise how much you actually have.

* Gift of family – Share your love with family. Be supportive and listen to what they have to say, you might just found the gift of a happy family.

* Gift of laughter – It is great to laugh and the best medicine ever. Laughter needs no words.

* Gift of dreams – You need to be free to dream. You need to come up with a dream and act on it. Even if you don’t have your own dream yet, you can help to fulfil others’ dreams.

* Gift of giving – If you give, you will receive back.

* Gift of gratitude – A ‘thank you’ will bounce back to you.

* Gift of a day – Spend a day in your life with someone you love and fulfil their dreams and wishes. They might just have ‘a day’ to live.

* Gift of love – After this journey of discoveries, you might found the gift of love for the person who you hated the most and who hurt you the most in life.