How hard is it to follow instructions?

How hard is it to follow instructions?

Is it really that hard to follow instructions? Probably not, some people might say. It sounds easy enough. It isn’t!

Seriously it seems like the hardest thing in the world.

For some people, it’s the key to most of their academic problems, especially children and students. The lecturer or teacher might give you different instructions, but they heard or read only one set of instructions.

You put up signs or have some rules and people just do what they want with no regard for anything.

Children or adults with special needs might find it hard some time to follow instructions because they can’t stay focused long enough to clearly comprehend them. But that is another issue on its own.

We deliberately ignore instructions. We don’t follow instructions that has been given to us because we are either too lazy to read the instructions or think that our own way of getting it done is just so much better.

In the working industry following an instruction is very important. If your manager gave you a job to do and instructions of how to do it, stick with it. Don’t think you can just “wing it.” It doesn’t matter how fabulous and good you have done the job if you have done the wrong job. You’re either going to get in trouble or your ideas might be shut down and told to do the right job all over again.

“A wise manager understands the consequences of his instructions.”

We are all creative individuals and want to display our creativity by being free to do what we want. If your ideas get shut down, make a choice!

However, I think to follow a simple instruction should not be hard at all. We just want to make things harder for ourselves than it actually are. If the instruction is too hard for you to follow then rather walk away and find another instruction that’s easier for you to follow.

Instructions are all around us. Somewhere in life you might come across them and they are there for one reason – to be followed! Whatever your reason may be, our lives can become much easier if we just listen carefully, read intensively, understand fully and act accordingly.

“The difference between following directions and not following directions is that sometimes by not following directions you miss the boat and sometimes you find out it’s faster to fly. ”


One thought on “How hard is it to follow instructions?

  1. Clivia Vogel says:

    Beautiful Roelien with a lot of logic. I could relate to each one. Well structured, with real life examples! 😉

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