Single on Valentine’s Day… Is it worth to celebrate?

Single on Valentine's Day... Is it worth to celebrate?

A survival guide…

If you are single on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day can make you see the world through a twisted prism, in which every other person in this world is a happy, loved couple struggling to squeeze a bouquet of roses into a cab. It feels as though no-one else is, or ever has been, single. Even your dog is getting it on with the neighbour’s Maltese.

Valentine’s Day is to be known as a day of exchanging flowers, cards, and loving sentiments filled with warm feelings and affection. However, for some there is one thing that prevents them from celebrating this day of love: a date.

How important is Valentine’s Day to you? Is it still worth to celebrate? Yes! Of course it is. Being dateless on Valentine’s Day does not mean you should evoke feelings of loneliness and self-doubt, especially for those who believe in true love.

But what is a person to do when he or she is feeling the chilling blues of being single instead of embracing the fiery desire of love?

Here are some tips on how single guys and girls can celebrate Cupid’s Day, instead of being defeated by it.

“Love is not about a particular day, or about cards, flowers, or even being in a relationship. The illusion that coupled people are happy and well-loved can feed feelings of loneliness or isolation for people who aren’t with someone, and wish they were,” says Brown. “Seeing the illusory nature of this day can be the first step in feeling better about being precisely who and where you are.” ~ Dr. S. Brown

Love is not just for couples; it is for all of us.

1. Do not define yourself by your relationship status. Your relationship status is not your identity. Be proud to be single.

2. Spend the day with other single friends. Go watch a romantic movie together, go out for dinner or just spend the day embracing each other with some love.

4. Plan well in advance to do something that will not place you in the path of billing and cooing couples. Even if you usually like dining out alone, do something else on Valentine’s Day.

5. Get together with people who do love you – friends, family members, the people who already have relationships with you.

6. If you are single and you don’t have other single friends or family close to where you live, then go out and have some fun. Go do some shopping, spoil yourself in the spa, watch rugby, or take your dogs to the beach. Anything is possible.

7. Maybe Valentine’s Day will bring some luck to those of you that are single souls. If you spend your day having fun in the shopping malls, dining out or on the beach; you might just find the love of your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


One thought on “Single on Valentine’s Day… Is it worth to celebrate?

  1. Nazreen says:

    Well thought out good structure sweet topic and good message behind this blog post.

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