If I were the Boss …

What would I do if I were the boss, even if it is just for one day?

To be the boss, I need to be confident and passionate in anything and everything I do. If I’m passionate about my business and the workplace, then I will be able to motivate my employees to be the best of the best. I would to be the coolest and most awesomeness boss employees could ever dream of.

Most of us spend at least 25% of our lives in our office or workplace. If I were the boss, our office space would be the place where the staff can genuinely say it is everything they dreamed of… or should we say dreamed up – from a fireman’s pole, a reception desk with a real difference and a shooting range to a tree house boardroom and a graffiti wall.

If I were the boss, I would make sure my employees cannot wait for their next day at work… I would wish a life for my employees similar to those working at The Missing link Office! (http://www.topbilling.com/articles/Location-The-Missing-Link-Office–.html?articleID=1115)

1. If I were the boss, I would end a working week on a Thursday. Fridays are part of the WEEKEND and a good long weekend means a good long rest for my employees. Therefore they will be so much more proactive on the Monday morning.

2. If I were the boss, I would incorporate a private gym and have some workout sessions at least twice a week during work hours. Employees do not always have the time or energy to go pass the gym after work. And it is expensive to join a gym. Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy employees have more energy to love their jobs and perform even better in it.

3. If I were the boss, I would make my own public holidays and take my employees to spend some quality time on the beach having fruit cocktails. During winter its getting cosy in front of a fire place with some warm blankets and a cup ofMilo. We might even get ourselves in doing some brainstorming for ideas on a client. How exciting!

4. If I were the boss, I would have a cafeteria within the office with a private chef cooking lunch for the staff. There is nothing like a fulfilling lunch in our tummies. We will have an hour lunch break where the chef will cook up something delicious for lunch.

5. If I were the boss, I would have a room in the office just for a spa and beauty facilities for my employees to relax and get rid of all the stress and be pain free.

6. If I were the boss, I would allow my employees to social via Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Skype or other Live Messenger platforms during work time. They can pick up on easy information and techniques. It keeps the brain active and alive, and the fact is… employees do it anyway – without the boss even realizing it! It has become a part of life!

7. If I were the boss, I would raise salaries. Because I know how hard it is to budget. Have some extra cents to spend.

8. If I were the boss, I would incorporate baby and dog sitting facilities. If you live in a flat but come to having a dog/s and don’t want to leave them at home for a whole day, why not taking them to the office for a playtime with the dog sitter. They might even learn a new trick. The same applies if you have a kid or a baby.

9. If I were the boss, I would create a pleasant and most comforting working environment ever (similar to an office like The Missing Link) to give the employees the feeling of being in an absolute dream.

10. If I were the boss, we would definitely have fashion clients and make sure that when the new fashion arrives that a fashion show happens within the office. Girls and boys, you will have some new fashion hanging in your closets because my fashion client will make sure to hand a few shoes to the girls and some stylish pants to the guys.

If I were the boss, employees will never ever stop working for me and I will be crown the best Boss ever.


One thought on “If I were the Boss …

  1. Hello. magnificent job. I did not imagine this. This is a remarkable story. Thanks!

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