Fashion is a Passion…

Paris, London, NY, LA
That’s where fashion is today
Magazines and diamond rings
It’s all about your sense of bling

The latest styles, the fashion shows
Haute Couture just means fancy clothes
Look new shoes, just my size
How I love to accessorize

I’ve got a passion for fashion, super models and super clothes
I’ve got a passion for fashion, I’m addicted I suppose
I’m addicted, uh-huh

Sydney, Milan and Tokyo
Can you get me in the show
Lookin’ good is not that hard
Shoppin’ on the boulevard

I go to fashion shows
I have the latest clothes
Come over here, don’t be a tease
Snap the picture please

Fashion Icons default Myspace Layout 2.0

Fashion has become such a passion for people and they cannot live without it these days. When the passion for fashion hits you, you literally get symptoms. Your pupils get dilated and small, pink flushes appear on your cheek. Your mouth swells up like some sort of fecund fruit, and your heart starts beating faster. Lol! You are getting hot flushes and the excitement rises from the tip of your toes to the top of your ears. Girls… you know what I mean…

So, it is that time of the year again where the seasons are changing and winter is approaching. That means, the new winter fashion trends are upon us and it is SHOPPING TIME!!! Because everything in your wardrobe in now so “last season” – it’s time for the “new season”.

Stay calm when you shop, because you will find out that fashion trends actually change pretty slowly. Also, colours match the season. Wear bright colours in spring and summer and darker colours in winter. A small clue, don’t throw away the old stuff. Old fashion always comes back into style. Maybe you will think you’ll never wear those plaid pants again, but never underestimate those dull clothes pealing out of your wardrobe… the old plaid pants might just go fantastic with a new coat.

Look new shoes, just my size … How I love to accessorize 

Accessories are a really easy way to spice up your entire wardrobe. A gorgeous dark blush, red lipstick, a big bling ring on your finger – and don’t forget the hand bags, bracelets and heels ladies. It is also good to contrast new looks with older, vintage pieces. However most importantly, put together a look you love and which inspires you! We all want to look good because stepping out the door feeling confident will make you truly be a fashionista.

Fashion baby...

Editor: Roelien Zwart

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