The Power of Friendship!

The Power of Friendship!

Whenever something happens to me, good or bad, I call my girlfriend to share the great, fantastic, or even bad news. When I made cupcakes for the first time, I shared my triumph with another close friend to share my yummy, exotic ideas or recipes with her. I will even make sure she comes over for a cup of tea, a cupcake and to enjoy a chat with me. And when ever I went through a difficult time such as man troubles or work troubles, I will share my stories with a friend who knows just how I feel.

I found that friendship is such a powerful tool in any girl’s life. No matter what life serves up, it usually comes with a side of conversation and support from the girls. And though we rarely solve life’s biggest challenges, we always find a way to laugh, lament and move on. Having a best or close friend on either side of you makes your life more sensible.

Research proved that friendships can actually lower stress and increase progesterone levels, which promotes overall well-being. It can lower your blood pressure, decrease cholesterol and even increase our longevity!!! The benefits of friendship go deeper than good health.

“Friendships are so pivotal in our lives that they help us define who we are and who we will become,” ~ Unknown.

I really have good friends and whenever I have them around me, I feel so inspirational. Healthy friendships can help us grow and get better. Whenever you find a friend that you can be honest with, you get a new perspective. I found that in some cases, a friendship is voluntary. Remember whenever life gets tough, a friend might be just the best option to turn to.


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Try a cliché…

“Clary screamed out loud as he fell like a stone – and landed lightly on his feet just in front of her. Clary stared with her mouth open as he rose up out of a shallow crouch and grinned at her. “If I made a joke about just dropping in,” he said, “would you write me off as a cliché?” ― Cassandra Clare.

So try these:

  • Cat got your tongue?
  • Fall head over heels
  • Read between the lines
  • Laughter is the best medicine
  • Waking up on the wrong side of the bed

So what is a cliché – some may ask? A cliché can be two things:

1. “An overused expression, something that is said a lot that has become some common, it no longer really has any relevance or is even noticed in conversation. Phrases such as “to this day” or “next thing I knew” are examples of such a cliché, and you often say these phrases without noticing you are doing so.”

2. “An idea with a different meaning from its literal meaning. For example, the phrases “sweaty palms” or “twinkling eyes” have come to mean more than the fact that your palms are just sweaty or that your eye’s have a twinkle. When you say someone has sweaty palms, everyone knows you mean “he is nervous” because the expression has become a cliché.”

I find that my life is sometimes a cliché and if you dismiss things immediately if they sound like a cliché, you might be missing out on some good stuff. Clichés are simply “unoriginal ideas” — and that’s fine. We need to have a few clichés in our life now and then; it makes our lives sometimes a little bit more enjoyable.

We need to be grateful for what we have. If you can write down 5 to 7 things you’re glad about every night before going to sleep, it might change things. Many of us go to bed every night thinking about things we still have to do. An assortment of worries or concerns slights from difficult co-workers, things you need to remember – negativity and chaos. Really!

If you purposefully inject the positive into your brain then the negative worries and concerns get bumped out. if you have a few clichés in your life, well try making them positive.

Try them….

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Learn to love yourself

Tell yourself!

It is not always easy to accept ourselves, or nether the less love ourselves. We live in a world, where loving ourselves is not a common thing. We are always looking for love – the love from others, but as the years pass we forget that we deserve not only love from those around us, but our own love as well.

Sometimes we struggle to accept the way we are, but each and everyone are different. We have different dreams, different goals, ambitions, and we all look different. Therefore we should love the fact that we are different.

Loving yourself fully may feel a bit uncomfortable at first depending on your past, but regardless of where you’ve been it is possible. Maybe in your early teens, you could have spent your time resenting yourself because you felt so inadequate. A change in attitude can surely help you to start loving yourself again. Feel good about yourself, dress fantastic everyday, put a smile on your face and before you leave your place in the morning, tell yourself in the mirror – “I love myself”. By loving yourself again, your life will slowly be transformed.

The video below is such an inspiring piece. Have a look! Love yourself!

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Feelings follow behaviour

Feelings follow behaviour…. behaviour can hurt other people

Feelings can be easily created and it can be easily broken. Feelings can be confusing, distracting, irritating, or frustrating unless you understand what they are about. Feelings can follow behaviour. Behaviour reacts from the feelings.

A girl fell in love with this guy and feelings have formed, but after five long years the relationship ended unexpectedly, and she was distraught. The girl really thought that this guy was the love of her life! The one! The man she would marry and be with forever.  They had been together for such a long time and she didn’t imagine for the relationship to end. Her heart was broken. No! Her feelings were broken!

Her behaviour was based on feelings of being hurt and she ended up hurting those around her. Her behaviour was changed by her feelings. Behaviour is sometimes based on feelings; it can be lack of a certain feeling. She acted strange, was unfriendly and very sad, and that made her behave in an utterly way.


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Mom, the title just above queen!

Mom, the minute you found out you were pregnant you became a great mother. You wanted to do what was finest for me and you did whatever it took to grow me into a healthy and strong child / woman. You held me in your hands since the day I was born. Never have you let down, because you always keep your promises.

I was your number 1 priority! I still am! You gave up everything for me. You worked hard, day after day to give me the best education. There was never a dull moment. You gave me support whenever I needed you. When I was naughty, you still loved me!

She is always there for me!

Mom, you are my world! Even if I’m all grown up now, you are still there for me. You will always keep me save, support me and treasure me. You showed me the world and all its charms. As I grow a little day by day, you ask God to light my path and guide me on my way.

Mom, you are the queen in my castle, and I’m your princess!


“When the night is gone, and the morning shines
I look at you with special eyes.
I see your face which always smiles.
I hear your voice which never dies.
I feel your hair which always flies
Across my cheeks, across my eyes.
I feel your hand which always dries
My happy tears and my sad cries…”

Editor: Roelien Zwart

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It is better to practice a little than talk a lot

Everyone talks, some just enough and others just a little too much! However, talking is a natural act and we tend to take it for granted. Some people talk way too much – the kind of people you sometimes try to avoid, because they don’t make sense or because they are so annoying. Other people will say two words to you the whole day – the kind of people you avoid because they are boring and have nothing to say.

Well it is okay to talk. Guess it is just better to think first before you start talking. Remember, words are powerful. They can allow worthwhile information, or either lies, or either unimportant information.

When doing a group assignment, usually some members will have a lot to say. “We should do this and that.” “We should definitely have this in the assignment.” But whenever it needs to be done, then they don’t know what to do. They have so much to say about it, but they don’t really know what they are saying. So, rather practice it than talking a lot and you don’t actually know what you are talking about.

The general rule for talking is that we talk to serve others not ourselves. When talking we should be offering something to the other person such as humour, information, consolation, entertainment… basically anything so long as it is worthwhile for the other person.

Better to practice than talk a lot

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The big fat dreams…

If you dream it, you can be it. If you believe it, you can achieve it!

If you believe it, you can achieve it!

We all want to achieve something in life. We have big dreams, hopes and ambitions. Since a young age, we are dreaming about those big fat dreams that we want to accomplish one day. However, to accomplish those big dreams, you have to set some goals and you need big visions.

It is easy to say that you have a dream, but a dream is something that wants you to wake up every morning and do things to achieve it. People who accomplished big phenomena in life have one thing in common; big visions. Someone told me once that if people have ordinary visions, they live an ordinary life. People with big visions, live a big life.

A big fat dream may take years to achieve. It is something to work for everyday in order to achieve it. It is something that you want to live for. You create goals and visions around it and then you live it. Don’t loose your ability to dream big, because fear can also keep us from dreaming. Sometimes we feel it is impossible to reach the dream due to so many excuses: ‘no money, no time, no hope, I can’t’ – things that allow ourselves to believe when really, it is simply fear that is stopping us from reaching for the stars.

It is best to take the chances and risks, doing what you always wanted to do. This is one of the biggest millionaire mind secrets that you will ever learn – “thinking and dreaming big is how you succeed in life!”

Once you achieved your big fat dream, then find another one. Dreams never end.

Dream BIG!!!!

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