Wedding cake in the middle of the road

We think we found the one! Telling you: I love you so much! I want to be with you forever! You are my world, you are my everything! I cannot live without you, because you are the one for me! I’m on my knees asking you to marry me. The special day arrives. The wedding is so beautiful. You and I making a commitment forever. Wow, it is such warm and beautiful words.

Wedding cake crashed! Wedding crashed!

A wedding day is a woman’s best day ever! No one should ever spoil this for her. Organising the venue, the flowers, the dress, the food, the guest list and even the wedding cake is all special and require unique thinking and skills to get it all together. But what if? What if someone made a terrible mistake and either one regret it for the rest of their lives? What if you are standing at the altar, staring at the love of your life’s eyes – realising then and now it is the biggest mistake to marry him or her. What to do? Turn around and run away … like the runaway bride!

When this day gets spoiled and the one that you thought was the love of your life forever turns around and say sorry darling, but I cannot marry you! That is such a bad feeling! Where are those summer words, the beautiful words, and warm words you promised? It is a feeling you’ll never forget! Turning around and leaving the wedding, is like leaving the wedding cake in the middle of the road for a truck to smash.

In some cultures, you don’t have a choice on who you are marrying. The parents usually make that choice for you!! But it is important to make choices carefully and to be sure if it is the right choice. If it comes to that special day – the wedding, then keep it special! Let’s not leave a wedding cake in the middle of the road!

Editor: Roelien Zwart

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