Feelings follow behaviour

Feelings follow behaviour…. behaviour can hurt other people

Feelings can be easily created and it can be easily broken. Feelings can be confusing, distracting, irritating, or frustrating unless you understand what they are about. Feelings can follow behaviour. Behaviour reacts from the feelings.

A girl fell in love with this guy and feelings have formed, but after five long years the relationship ended unexpectedly, and she was distraught. The girl really thought that this guy was the love of her life! The one! The man she would marry and be with forever.  They had been together for such a long time and she didn’t imagine for the relationship to end. Her heart was broken. No! Her feelings were broken!

Her behaviour was based on feelings of being hurt and she ended up hurting those around her. Her behaviour was changed by her feelings. Behaviour is sometimes based on feelings; it can be lack of a certain feeling. She acted strange, was unfriendly and very sad, and that made her behave in an utterly way.


Editor: Roelien Zwart

Picture Sourced: (thenewermetaphysicals.blogspot.com)


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