The Power of Friendship!

The Power of Friendship!

Whenever something happens to me, good or bad, I call my girlfriend to share the great, fantastic, or even bad news. When I made cupcakes for the first time, I shared my triumph with another close friend to share my yummy, exotic ideas or recipes with her. I will even make sure she comes over for a cup of tea, a cupcake and to enjoy a chat with me. And when ever I went through a difficult time such as man troubles or work troubles, I will share my stories with a friend who knows just how I feel.

I found that friendship is such a powerful tool in any girl’s life. No matter what life serves up, it usually comes with a side of conversation and support from the girls. And though we rarely solve life’s biggest challenges, we always find a way to laugh, lament and move on. Having a best or close friend on either side of you makes your life more sensible.

Research proved that friendships can actually lower stress and increase progesterone levels, which promotes overall well-being. It can lower your blood pressure, decrease cholesterol and even increase our longevity!!! The benefits of friendship go deeper than good health.

“Friendships are so pivotal in our lives that they help us define who we are and who we will become,” ~ Unknown.

I really have good friends and whenever I have them around me, I feel so inspirational. Healthy friendships can help us grow and get better. Whenever you find a friend that you can be honest with, you get a new perspective. I found that in some cases, a friendship is voluntary. Remember whenever life gets tough, a friend might be just the best option to turn to.


Editor: Roelien Zwart

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