A Cinderella Story … is a girl’s story!

A Cinderella Story…

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl called Cinderella, who lived with her wicked step-mother and two ugly step sisters.

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella. It was one of my favourite movies of all time. My favourite bed-time story once too. For some of us, it’s hard to find the true one because of life being so difficult. Sometimes life can keep you away form love. And did you know – your true love might be living right in front of your eyes.

“A girl, treated as a servant by her family, whose true nature is seen by a prince, who then hunts high and low for the one woman he can truly love. That’s Cinderella.” That girl might be you and you might be the next Cinderella to your one and only Prince. For a girl or a woman, to be a Cinderella in her own life story is precious and romantic! Once fell in loved, your world is pure a fairytale land.

Every woman deserves to be a Cinderella, especially on the wedding day – where you get to wear the most beautiful white dress ever (like Cinderella did at the masked ball). However, the great moral of the story is: that it’s what’s inside, not outside that matter. At the wedding there’s no pumpkins, no fairy godmothers, no mice, no lizards, none of that nonsense. But there is love and that’s always been magical enough.

Ultimately, my feelings about the Cinderella movie are very simple: if you’re in a relationship, take the object of your affections with you to the cinema. If you can watch this film and not come out holding hands a little tighter than when you went in, give it up, because you two are going nowhere.

I want to share a short version of the Cinderella Story below. Hope you enjoy!

Editor: Roelien Zwart

Picture Source: (chicadelalunaa.blogspot.com)

Video Source: (YouTude.com)


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