It’s okay to cry…

It’s okay…

“Somewhere along the way we’re taught to keep it all together,

We mask the pain we feel inside, to make everyone else feel better,
You wrap your arms around yourself and bury all your sorrow,
You can’t hide from your emotions baby, they’ll still be here tomorrow,
If your heart won’t let it flow,
I want you to know,

It’s okay to cry

Let those tear drops fly
Don’t keep it all inside
It’s okay to cry

It is okay to cry, because the tears release the flood of sorrow, of missing and of love. Tears relieve the brute force of hurting, enabling us to “level off” and continue our cruise along the stream of life. It’s okay to cry.

Crying is a natural response to sadness, to loss, to pain. I feel that crying helps to heel the sadness, the loss, and pain. For some, crying can be a good release of emotions that will enable them to have a better focus on what needs to be done. When someone is going through a hard time where they lost a close friend or family member, or even failing their studies… it can get to you. It hits your heart with a thousand needles and the only way to release that is through crying… Don’t hold back the tears, let it go…

Crying is the best medicine after all!


Editor: Roelien Zwart

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