Have you figured out the second head fake?

Life is not fair! Life is not easy! Life is full of its own surprises! And life is always in a bit of a hurry and sometimes scary… We are all just humans and unfortunately we cannot predict the future and what will be happening in the future. Well, I guess some scientists think they can predict the future… but life turns its own way.

Busy, busy, busy, we are all sooo busy. We have no time and we have a set schedule for everyday – planned precisely. When someone asks us how we are doing, then we say …”Busy”! We work long hours and then even brag about it. We talk on our cellphones whilst doing almost everything. We want to look busy and reflect our busyness to other at every opportunity… mmm, why are we doing that?

Maybe we should re-look our busy lives and think again what life really is about. What does life really want to tell us…? We are all rushing towards our dreams, thinking that working hard at all time will be a result of achieving our dreams… Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves to please others. Well, isn’t our busyness perhaps a sign of weakness? By rushing your life and being busy won’t really help to achieve your goals and dreams faster…

If I can refer to Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture, it was truly an eye opening for the world and being a truly inspirational attempt to point the way for us. “This lecture is not about how to achieve your dreams; it’s about how to lead your life. If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself; the dreams will come to you.”

Life is a journey, a journey that you have to walk and experience. You have to experience bumps on your way, fall over them. But you have to stand up and carry on. You need to lead your life through this journey and if you lead your life the right way… yah you know the rest!!!! Your busyness is perhaps a sign that life is not yours anymore… so have you figured out your second head fake?

Have you figured out the second head fake?

Editor: Roelien Zwart

Picture Source: (muneeraallie.blogspot.com)


2 thoughts on “Have you figured out the second head fake?

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