It is a scary world – the real life!

In less than two months I will be finished with my studies, and then it is time to start the working life – or the so-called “real life”. To think about that is scary, because you are now on your own, an independent adult! There are no more lecturers to save you, no more lay backs, banking classes, off days, and relaxing at home with some friends during class breaks… all of this fun has come to an end. There are rather bosses and managers constantly on your back, loads of work, loads of responsibility, bills to pay and long hours of working.

However, it is time to start that new chapter in my life. It is going to be challenging but also fun, and something different. A new world of possibilities is opening up to me and it will give me the chance to create the kind of life I dreamed of. It had taken me a quarter of a century to get there and do it, so I’m finally ready to live on my own terms, and decide for myself what I really wanted to be doing.

That giddiness of being a student will always be there. If it ever goes away, that will be my cue to end the experiment and try something new. But now the novelty of being student is almost over and reality is slowly setting in, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I occasionally wonder if I will make a successful of my life – it is scary to think about it.

What is happening after graduation?

Editor: Roelien Zwart

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