Conventional is a good fallback position, isn’t it?

It took me some time to write this post as I couldn’t make up my mind if conventional is a good fallback position or not. But I guess it is a good fallback position no matter in what situation you are. By living a conventional lifestyle means to abide to certain rules and plans and follow certain procedures and structures. It is like living on the safe side of life. It is important to live your life to the fullest, and when you are unsure or in doubt of anything – you still have your old traditions and knowledge to fall back on.

I think it is important to try new things every day and figure out who you really are and what you want to achieve in life. What you learn through life will always be a part of you and we learn new things everyday.

Through learning you can also create yourself and be who you really want to be. Well, you start creating yourself from a young age but when you are young you don’t always have a 100% free choice of who you want to be and what you want to do till after school. But when you young, till then you need to go to school, you can’t choose with who you are in class with, what teachers you have and what you do every day. Your choices are very limited.  However, the day when you leave school is the day when life lies in front of you – throwing possibilities to your side. You have thousands of choices and you can decide where you want to go study and what you want to become.

Choose a different way?

Editor: Roelien Zwart

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