My big fat BIG dream…

A dream that will come true soon!

I’m sure that everyone has at least one dream, and it would be great if everyone had at least one impossible dream. You might have the dream that you know would love to come true but you have no idea how it would happen. It’s good to have impossible dreams because it forces you to THINK BIG. It also allows you to take inventory of where you THINK your limits are.

My big fat BIG dream is to have a fabulous healthy, fit and shaped body. Now this dream is quite a challenge and not that easy to achieve at times. I try to eat right and I gym quite often – sometimes 5 days a weeks. But when that ice-cream or chocolates calls you, then it’s over… I love my sweets and snacks but guess I need to start controlling that. I don’t want to have a model’s body, but would like to be healthy, fit and nicely shaped.

I want to strive to be tighter, stronger, fitter and leaner but I haven’t yet dedicated myself to do the extra effort to achieve in having that fabulous body. I guess my big fat BIG dream is never really BIG or FAT as I truly believe that there is no reason for looking like that. Well, I’m not fat at all – just to make that clear. LOL! I would just like to be tighter as said before. I love food, but food is supposed to be there to sustain our bodies and provide us with the necessary energy your body requires. I just need to focus really hard… and I will be able to achieve my dream in just 3 months.

I also think that motivation is important and to have a friend or someone with a similar dream… and both of you can work together. I go to gym with a friend and she motivates me a lot. The first few months or stages are always the hardest and you need that someone to keep motivating you – otherwise you will fail. My big fat BIG dream is to have a healthy lifestyle, be fit and also be proud of my body. I don’t want to hide it under layers of clothes but rather be confident on the beach with a bikini. Slowly but surely I am making that dream a reality …

To be confident enough on the beach with a bikini…

Editor: Roelien Zwart

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