My Bucket List – 100 things to do before I die…

It is Important to have a bucket list – things that you still want to do before you die. It is usually things that are extreme or outrages. But when you did these things, you know that you have lived your life to the fullest! Here is my bucket list:

  1.  Sky diving with my dog
  2.  Sky diving on my own
  3.  Bungee Jumping
  4.  Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  5.  Climb Mount Everest
  6.  Take a helicopter ride
  7.  Visit the Victoria Falls
  8.  Kiss someone under the falls
  9.  Travel the world without doubt
  10.  Paragliding
  11.  Go on a blind date
  12.  Fall in love
  13.  Be in love
  14.  Get engaged
  15.  Do a Contiki Tour with the man I love
  16.  Have my dream wedding
  17.  Stay in a five-star hotel
  18.  Learn a new language
  19.  Get my dream body
  20.  Do Scuba diving
  21.  Do Snorkelling
  22.  Go Skiing
  23.  Find a job I love
  24.  Start my own business in doing what I love
  25.  Become a manager
  26.  See the pyramids in Egypt
  27.  Make a difference in someone’s life
  28.  Write a book and get it published
  29.  Get featured in a magazine/newspaper/TV or radio
  30.  Fly in a hot-air balloon across Namibia
  31.  Win the lotto or any other lucky draw
  32.  Learn to play a musical instrument
  33.  Go see an opera show
  34.  Learn to do ballroom dancing
  35.  Get a complete make-over
  36.  Go on a boot camp for a month
  37.  Go on a road trip with 10 friends
  38.  Backpacking
  39.  Drive a Ferrari Car
  40.  Go on a yacht adventure cruise
  41.  Go to an extraordinary island in the middle of the ocean
  42.  Go swimming with the dolphins
  43.  Ride on an elephant in India
  44.  See snow and build a snowman
  45.  Go vegan for a week
  46.  Go on a cruise on one of the biggest ships
  47.  Get a tattoo
  48.  Go on a wine tour
  49.  Learn to make various cocktails
  50.  Visit a castle in England
  51.  Go on a roller coaster
  52.  Learn to make my own sushi
  53.  Learn some chef skills
  54.  Eat at the most expensive restaurant
  55.  Take my parents for a second honeymoon
  56.  Own a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes
  57.  Experience French food and wine in France
  58.  Go to London
  59.  Go to Mauritius
  60.  Own a Mac Laptop
  61.  Own a Iphone
  62.  See the seven wonders of the world
  63.  Go hunting
  64.  Learn to use a gun
  65.  Climb the Eiffel Tower
  66.  Make my own scrapbook of memories
  67.  Go to a street market
  68.  Visit the spa for a whole day
  69.  Have a house on the beach
  70.  Go to a Bachelorette party
  71.  Get into my car and travel somewhere alone
  72.  Read more books
  73.  Put extensions in my hair
  74.  Leave a legacy behind
  75.  Own my own gym
  76.  Do rock climbing
  77.  Do caving with a friend
  78.  Find my passion
  79.  Go mountain biking
  80.  Learn to ride a skateboard
  81.  Learn to play golf
  82.  Go ice fishing
  83.  Ride a horse on the beach
  84.  Have dinner with my man on the beach
  85.  Jump from a cliff into deep water
  86.  Dive in an aquarium
  87.  Learn to surf
  88. Visit the wreckage of the Titanic aboard a submarine
  89. Go on a canopy tour
  90. Go hiking in the rain forest
  91. Sleep on an overnight train
  92. Watch a rocket launch
  93. Go whale-watching
  94. Be part of a Rhino campaign
  95. Milk a cow
  96. Go bird watching
  97. Watch an animal give birth
  98. See a famous monument
  99. Visit a huge zoo
  100. Visit Disney World


One thought on “My Bucket List – 100 things to do before I die…

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