Love doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be true

I want my love to be true

Love doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be true. But if your love is true, then it’s already perfect. When you find true love or the one that is meant for you… then you always think about how perfect everything is and will be. But love really doesn’t need to be that perfect. Nothing is perfect, not even you but trueness is what counts.

When you find true love, that’s when you find your best friend – your soul mate, your smile, your laugh, and you’re everything. Your true love is the one who will pick you up in good and bad times. The one that is always on your side and that wipes away your tears when you sad or even happy.

When you have love and it’s true, then it’s PERFECT! Because it bonds together two people who are imperfect. When the two people bond together, then their lives are ultimately planned around one another’s. True love means that it should be TRUE and one can only make it true when both parties are involved in each other’s life.

Love has a lot of things that it needs to be, but perfect isn’t one of them, because nobody will ever go through life without making a mistake. It just needs to be true enough so that it will conquer the mistakes, so that it will outlast the bad times, and so that it will be exceedingly joyous in the good times. I have been in love many times, but certainly haven’t found TRUE love yet. I hope that my ‘best friend’ is on his way to bump into me … I can’t wait to find love and know it is true… a little bit of perfectness in my life!

Editor: Roelien Zwart

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My best friend ~ a dog’s tale

My best friend – I love him…

Most of us own pets of which are dogs, but how much do they really mean to us? What does it really mean for a dog to be man’s best friend?

Not every dog is friendly by nature or has a friendly personality. However, we have heard many stories on how dogs have warned theirs master and saved them from danger. We have heard about dogs being separated from families and travelling many miles to get back to the home they knew and loved. A dog is not only a man’s best friend, but a dog is a woman’s and children best friend as well.

About a year ago, I got a puppy for my birthday – much unexpected but he instantly changed my life forever. My dog is not just a dog for me… he is my friend, my companion, my baby!!! He sleeps with me, we go for walks, and he rides with and is surely by my side all the time!

My dog is definitely the best thing in my life and I can say the following about him:

  • My dog is loyal – I can trust him more than I can trust some humans.
  • My dog has unconditional love – he is right by my side no matter what.
  • My dog is a great companion – he never complains and he will spend time with me all the time.
  • My dog makes me laugh, and I can even make him laugh – without struggling through a joke that is not even funny.
  • I have to take my dog on long walks; therefore I contribute much of my good health to my dog. My dog certainly keeps me active!
  • My dog will always greet me when I come home from work. He brightens up my day, no matter how hard my day has been.
  • A best friend is someone whom you can count on. I can always count on my dog to be there for me.

My dog is my best friend and will always be! I love him so much and miss him every time he is not with me… I hope you all have that relationship with your dogs…

I make my dog laugh…

Editor: Roelien Zwart

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