Namibia will always be home…

The red dunes

Namibia is an extraordinary place to live in and an excellent country for visitors who are interested in a wildlife and wilderness experience. I am so fortunate to be a Namibian and I have to say that I’m proud of my country. I grew up with the beautiful deserts, dunes, dense bush and open plains, mountains, canyons, and game around me. It’s an absolute beautiful place. Namibia will always be home to me.

The weather in Namibia is incredible, and can be quite strange.  The coast is pleasant and rain free for most of the year, but at times can be veiled in a thick fog. I love the rainy seasons though because it rains during summer and it is nice and warm. It just wants you to dance in the rain.  Huge raindrops hit the Namibian ground and a fresh smell lifts from the plains – it is best smell ever.

Namibia isn’t like any other country. Trust me – there is always something that pulls to go back. After 4 years of studying in South Africa, Cape Town, I still want to go back to my homeland. Cape Town is a beautiful place, but not my home. The people in Namibia are also very much different from South Africans. They have kind hearts and personalities. We are a family and we are very welcoming to outsiders.

If anyone hasn’t yet experienced the Namibian life, then you surely have to put it on your bucket list. Namibia is a stunning place and easily adaptable if you feel like making it your new homeland.  I’m sure you will after a visit. It will always be my home.

The beautiful raining season

Editor: Roelien Zwart

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