Why I have conversations – with myself…

Conversations going on in my head …

I don’t think that anyone is crazy or mentally ill just because they have conversations with themselves. Everyone does it, even me and I don’t find myself crazy. Maybe other people will think I’m crazy, but they don’t usually realize that they too have conversations with themselves.

I find that I have conversations with myself in my head with other people. Usually I want to talk to a friend or someone and what I do is having these conversations with myself and imagines what I would say and what they would say back. I think by having these conversations, I’m trying to figure out things and how not to mess them up in real life. The conversation usually plays out much different from where I expected or wanted it to go because I know about what the other person would say. I do this everywhere – in the shower or bath, in the car, and before I go to sleep.

I can sometimes have the most incredible conversations with myself. I don’t know where I find the words to have the conversation, but I do. I like to tell stories and make up stories in my head. I also find that sometimes the conversations become personal that it makes me cry. When reality hits me, then I realize ‘oh my gosh, I just cried in my own conversation’. LOL!

Well, people need to talk to people but I don’t think there is anything wrong with having conversations with yourself. I’m not too worried about it, in fact, I actually think in a weird, writer sort of way, it healthy. Enjoy it while you can.

Editor: Roelien Zwart

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